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Our Mission Statement: Provide our customers with the up most respect and the greatest service possible. We treat each and everyone of our customers like a treasured family member.

We provide a full photography service - weddings, events, parties, sports to suite everybody needs.

LJ Concepts 1 provides other services such Photo Archiving, PhotoSlide Shows, DVD Photo Slide Shows. We also provide the service of transfering your audio tapes to CD. Some restorations to your music before transfering over to CD. We can transfer your VHS tapes of home movies to DVD. Please click here for more details!!!

We also provide a computer services & repair business.

 In today's fast pace, ever changing internet technology, the greatest threat to your internet experiance is spyware, adware and virus that can steal your idenity, destroy files on your computer and just bring havoc and panic into your life. At present, LJ Concepts 1 provides a small computer repair services. We use the top notch and latest adware and anti-virus detection and removal software. The major threat to today's computer user is ad-ware and spy-ware that may have been downloading from a website or opened in an email. We do extensive scans on all harddrives to root out all spy-ware and ad-ware. We provide on site support to our customer on how to keep these problems at bay. LJ Concepts 1 provides hardware and software upgrades, systems tune-ups, data transfers, low level data recovery.